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FCD of Memphis has Solutions for You

Dental care extends to every phase of life and tooth development. Your family and cosmetic dentists at FCD of Memphis focuses on providing you and your family lifelong oral health care for every phase of life.

Procedures begin with your child’s first dental check-up and continue into their adolescent years and adulthood. Our general dentistry services include routine dental check-ups, examinations, and dental cleanings.

Here at FCD of Memphis we provide restorative and cosmetic dentistry that is best suited for you and your dental needs. Your tooth function and appearance can be restored with treatment including tooth extractions, root canal therapy, dental crowns, dental bridges, bonding, Invisalign®️ (orthodontics), and teeth whitening. We have several ways to whiten your teeth.

Treatment is available to restore your tooth function and smile following tooth loss or tooth damage. Dental implant procedures include single implants, bridge implants, and implant dentures.

Total or partial tooth loss treatment is available with dentures. Full or partial dentures can restore your ability to eat, chew, and smile following the loss of some or all of your teeth.

Our environment is relaxing and comfortable. And your appointment and procedures are designed to be anxiety-free with nitrous (laughing gas) option available to help make you feel more relaxed during your dental procedure.

We accept most major dental insurance plans. You can pay for your treatment with a variety of payment solutions.

Call Family & Cosmetic Dentistry of Memphis today to schedule you and your family’s next dental examination. And keep your children’s teeth and gums healthy throughout the school year. Schedule their back-to-school and routine check-ups in advance.

Why Your Oral Health Can be Improved with Family and Cosmetic Dentistry of Memphis

Your oral health relies on the healthy function and appearance of your teeth. Our procedures including Invisalign®️ (orthodontics), teeth whitening, and restorations with dental crowns, dental implants, and full or partial dentures help assure that you and your family’s teeth and gums stay healthy for life.

You will experience a relaxing environment during each appointment. Your dentist and our dental team focuses on your comfort during each treatment.

How We Provide Health Improving Dental Care at Family and Cosmetic Dentistry of Memphis

The focus of our comprehensive dental services is to improve and maintain you and your family’s tooth function and appearance. Each service relies on a thorough oral examination, a diagnosis of your teeth and gums, and a treatment plan uniquely designed for improving your health and appearance.

Financial Options

We are committed to providing quality and affordable dental health care. You have multiple options for payment available. For your convenience we accept all major credit card. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Money Orders.

If you would like to extend payments over a longer period of time, we offer CareCredit. Click on the CareCredit logo for more information.

Discover the Health and Smile Enhancing Benefits of Dental Implants

Tooth loss affects your overall oral health. Dental implants provide a secure solution to replace your missing teeth and restore your tooth function and appearance.

Ask us about your tooth replacement options at our Memphis dental office. Schedule an oral examination to discuss dental implant treatment.

Watch the video below to know about TeethXpress™.